Rwanda named first in Africa in Covid-19 management, sixth globally

In handling the Covid-19 pandemic and making the data available to the public, Rwanda was ranked first in Africa and sixth globally.

In a total of 98 countries worldwide, the Australian think tank Lowy Institute rated their level in terms of average success in handling the pandemic within 36 weeks when they registered their 100th case of Coronavirus.

With over 4,000 daily tests and up to 853,238 in total by Wednesday, Rwanda has expanded its testing capacity. A total of 14,529 Covid-19 instances with 9,234 recoveries have been reported.

Up to 183 deaths have been reported, which is 1.3 percent of the infected individuals.

The study showed that the pandemic was successfully dealt with by smaller communities, stable societies and competent institutions.

A number of key measures were calculated in the report, including reported incidents, injuries, cases per million individuals and deaths per million individuals.

Using confirmed metrics such as confirmed cases, deaths, cases per million people, deaths per million people, the proportion of tests and tests per thousand people, the fourteen day rolling averages of new daily figures have been measured.

In Africa, Togo was the second country to be ranked 15th worldwide, followed by Tunisia at 21st, Mozambique at 26, Malawi at 27, Zambia at 29 and Uganda at 30.

Tanzania and Burundi were among the countries not ranked, alongside China, due to a lack of publicly accessible testing data.

New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan are the top three countries that have the highest degree of pandemic management.

Educator, writer and legal researcher at Alafarika for Studies and Consultancy.

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