Somalia In Emergency Talks Over Election Crisis

The president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohammed, summoned the leaders of the federal state for talks on the presidential mandate, commonly known as Farmajo, which expires on February 8.

The president of Somalia is elected by the legislators of the country, but Somalia has failed to hold the necessary ballot to select new legislators, so no new president can be elected.

The meeting, known as the Dusamareb Conference, was sponsored by the United Nations in Somalia and urged those present to agree on how the elections could proceed.

Following the overthrow of President Siad Barre in a 1991 coup, Somalia has been characterized by over two decades of warfare and political instability.

The central government occupies only a portion of Somali territory and relies on the peacekeeping force of the African Union, AMISOM, to confront the jihadist Islamist group al-Shabab and the less powerful Islamic State with a violent insurgency.

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