SA call centre offers health services to aid COVID patients

For corporate clients in South Africa, a call centre in Johannesburg offers much needed wellness facilities. HealthImpact is a corporate health and wellness agency that ensures healthy conditions in corporate workplaces. They also offer scans and medical assistance to suspected coronavirus patients, reports Africanews.

“When we started, you know, there was a lot of confusion, a lot of panic, many people didn’t know. But as we’re getting along now, now we’ll find people are knowledgable, you know, but there are still those people that call in without a clue what to do so we always make sure we educate them, we take time to educate”, said Senior Clinical Case Manager at HealthImpact, Zodwa Nyoni.

As the Southern African nation is set to launch its vaccine campaign, HealthImpact also provides knowledge and strategies about how to keep workplaces healthy and healthier. They also provide testing and medical assistance to suspected coronavirus patients.

“Those that are positive now, we give them a call, we tell them the results, and then we also assist with contact tracing. You know, the virus is highly transmittable, so we assist also employees with contact tracing. At the same time, we also do case management, where we call them maybe after 24 hours, 48 hours, to find out how they are doing”, Nyoni added.

The call centre was focused on treating HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases before the coronavirus pandemic. After receiving the first batch of vaccines on Monday, South Africa is due to inoculate over 1.2 million frontline healthcare workers in mid-February.

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