Tunisia president ‘stands firm’ against cabinet reshuffle

In his opposition to a cabinet reshuffle, Tunisia’s president stands firm, suggesting he would not let the 11 new ministers take the oath of office.

Last month, the Tunisian parliament approved a Cabinet reshuffle that deepened the dispute between the prime minister and the president.

“We are ready for all the solutions but I I won’t back down from my principles.”

“I am ready for dialogue but I am not ready to talk with those who have robbed the Tunisian people.”

President Kais condemned the absence of women among the new ministers and said there may be conflicts of interest among some likely new members of the Cabinet.

According to Africanews, as the COVID-19 crisis is weakening an already battered economy, the economy was at a low ebb in 2020 and shrank by more than 8 percent.

As reported, hundreds gathered outside parliament over social inequality and police abuses during last month’s cabinet reshuffle.

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