‘Museum of Heroism’: National Museums of Kenya appeals for historical, cultural artefacts

The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) is asking Kenyans to donate cultural artefacts and other items, as it seeks to build a museum on the country’s early history.

“NMK is desirous of acquiring relevant objects or memorabilia by way of donation, long-term loan or any other suitable arrangement”, NMK says in a public appeal.

The proposed museum dubbed a ‘Museum of Heroism’, will include key aspects such as “the early history and peoples of Kenya, colonisation, independence [and] military history..”

“Such materials may include but not limited to photographs, films, unique literature and writings, newspaper cuttings, maps, info graphics, traditional weaponry, instruments of power, traditional musical instruments and trade merchandise” the museums body says.

The museums body is also looking for traditional farm tools and equipment, body adornments, furniture, crafts, traditional attire, court artefacts, pass books and religious artefacts.

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