Kenya praised for its technological prowess in ‘combating’ Covid

Kenya has been credited for being one of the first countries to use technology to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

The African Union (AU) praised the country through its health agency, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

On January 9, the Health Ministry announced the launch of the online Trusted Travel platform, making it the first country on the continent to use the technology to handle air travel effectively during the pandemic.

According to Nation Africa, Director of the Africa CDC, John Nkengasong, praised Kenya’s technological prowess and goodwill for implementing a solution that, in his opinion, fosters trust among Africans doing business on the continent.

He also pointed to Kenya’s recent acquisition of three robots from the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), which can scan between 10 and 100 people per minute from a distance of up to 3.5m, as an indication of how the country is leading the way in Africa’s adoption of emerging technologies.

The platform allows travelers to upload their Covid-19 test results to be checked by port health and travel officials online, and it aids in the identification of forged certificates.

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