World Bank readies COVID vaccine funds for around 30 African nations

As the continent scrambles to procure doses and begin immunising vulnerable groups, the World Bank is arranging emergency funding to help about 30 African countries access COVID-19 vaccines, according to Reuters.

Only a few African governments have begun mass vaccination programs, despite the fact that some countries in prosperous parts of the world have already given out millions of doses.

Many people depend on the World Health Organization’s COVAX vaccine-sharing program, which began with a shipment to Ghana last week.

The World Bank said financing projects were being planned in African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Niger, Mozambique, Tunisia, eSwatini, Rwanda, and Senegal, but did not indicate how much money was being provided.

“The funds are available now, and for most African countries, the financing would be on grant or highly concessional terms,” a bank spokesperson declared in response to questions.

The World Bank approved a $5 million loan from the International Development Association last month to provide vaccinations to Cape Verde.

“This is the first World Bank-financed operation in Africa to support a country’s COVID-19 immunisation plan and help with the purchase and distribution of vaccines,” the spokesperson reiterated.

South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Morocco, and Egypt are among the African countries that have begun vaccination.

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