Malian government opens new fishing port, military camp in war-torn region

The town of Konna in Mali’s Central region is a frequent target of jihadist attacks. 

Moctar Ouane, the country’s interim Prime Minister, paid a visit to the region over the weekend to open a new fishing port and a new military camp. 

In this war-torn country, the gesture represents a sign of hope. 

Ouane said “In order to provide a sustainable response to the crisis in the centre of our country, we must materialize two principles through concrete actions. The first is the main principle of national solidarity: this solidarity must be the first response to the tragedy that is affecting our fellow citizens in the central regions. This national solidarity must be shown at all levels”.

Jihadists seized charge of Konna in January 2013, just before the main city of Mopti. 

Eight years later, Interim Prime Minister Moctar Ouane claims that the port’s restoration is a sign of what will be achieved in the area in the future. 

Demba Samouka is Konna’s DeputyMayor. Despitethe insecurity, he brags about his people’s successs.

“Konna has a resilient population that since 2013 has not hesitated to fend for itself, men and women alike. Konna is one of the main fishing ports in the region, everyone knows it since the time of the colonists. Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina and everywhere! Everyone used to come to Konna to buy fish”.

Jihadism has spread through central Mali’s countryside since 2015. 

Abuse of Fulanis is rampant in Konna, where a weekly fair brings together a large number of herders from the city.

Educator, writer and legal researcher at Alafarika for Studies and Consultancy.

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