Tanzanian leaders applaud Magufuli, pledge loyalty to Suluhu

The government would endorse the late president’s wish to raise Chato to regional status if it meets the requirements for promotion. 

At a burial ceremony last week, leaders paid their final respects to the late John Magufuli. 

President Samia Suluhu promised to complete Magufuli’s legacy projects by seeing that the late president’s promises are kept. 

In her remarks to mourners, President Suluhu Hassan promised that her government will continue to work on the late Magufuli’s assurances and commitments to raise Chato to regional status.

“I have been told the process has already started and I have already directed that it be made a region if it meets the criteria. If it doesn’t meet the criteria we can provide instructions on what should be done so that it eventually does and it becomes a region in respect of the late Magufuli,” she said.

She expressed her regret that this was only her third visit to the area, the first being to attend the funeral of Magufuli’s sister. 

Former presidents Kikwete and Mwinyi paid tribute to late President Magufuli for his role in the country’s rapid growth, not only in infrastructure but also in restoring ordinary citizens’ integrity. 

They both expressed their support for President Suluhu and encouraged the rest of the country to do the same. Mr. Kikwete revealed that Magufuli was a close friend and confidant of his, serving in three ministries in his administration, and that his death had saddened him and deprived Tanzania of a visionary leader too early.

“When I worked with him in the ruling Chama Chama cha Mapinduzi party, I noticed he was capable of leading us. He was forthright, hardworking but did not take kindly laziness, and corruption,” said Mr Kikwete.

“It was my hope that he would have finished his term, retired, and got a chance to be with other retired leaders. It would have been pleasurable had he lived longer to see the fruits of his labour and a greater Tanzania.”

Educator, writer and legal researcher at Alafarika for Studies and Consultancy.

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