Angola celebrates 19 years of peace and end of armed conflicts

Angola celebrated 19 years of peace and the end of long-running armed conflicts on Sunday. With the signing of the peace and national reconciliation agreements on April 4, 2002, the Angolan government and the main opposition group UNITA put an end to 27 years of conflict. 

A national public holiday observed throughout the world, the main event this year was held in Cabinda province and was led by Vice President of the Republic of Angola Bornito de Sousa.

“After the National Independence on November 11, 1975, peace was certainly the greatest achievement of the Angolan people. After long years of destruction of lives and economic and social infrastructure and the diversion of thousands of young people from promoting the construction and development of Angola, today the Angolans value more than anyone the benefits of peace and political and social stability”. He addressed the Angolan population.

Several members of the central government and diplomatic corps were present in Luanda for the raising of the flag and laying of a wreath at the Monumento do Soldado Desconhecido, which is situated on the capital city’s waterfront. 

Several talks preceded the signing of the peace agreement on April 4, 2002, including the Bicesse agreement signed in Portugal on May 31, 1991, and the Lusaka protocol signed on November 20, 1994.

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