Kenya Airways halts flights to India due to COVID surge

Following a government directive on travel between India and Kenya due to a Covid-19 crisis in that country, Kenya Airways (KQ) has suspended passenger flights to and from Mumbai until further notice. 

Nairobi halted passenger flights to India for 14 days on Wednesday, citing a new highly infectious coronavirus strain. 

Passengers who booked tickets after May 1, the last flight from Mumbai to Nairobi, will have to change their plans, the airline said on Friday. 

Affected passengers could also receive coupons for the amount of their fare for travel over the next 12 months, according to KQ. 

”We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your support during this time,” the national carrier told its customers.

Arriving after midnight in Kenya will be subjected to a mandatory Covid-19 examination and a 14-day quarantine under the supervision of health officials. 

The airline said its cargo operations would continue “to facilitate delivery of emergency supplies including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to Kenya and across Africa”,

Kenya has joined countries such as Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Oman, France, and Hong Kong in prohibiting travel to and from India and requiring citizens that travelled to Asian countries to stay in government-approved hotels. 

According to Nation Africa, following the discovery of a new virus strain, India has seen an increase in infection and deaths. 

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