Tanzania: Activists Urge Government to Start COVID-19 Vaccinations

The president of Zanzibar, a Tanzanian semi-autonomous province, has stated that COVID-19 vaccines will be imported soon. This pits the region against the federal government, which has yet to authorize a COVID vaccination. The administration should enable vaccines to commence, according to the opposition parties. 

President Hussein Mwinyi of Zanzibar announced on Saturday that COVID-19 vaccines will be given out in the semi-autonomous region. Vaccinations, he claimed, will be elective and safe once they begin.

Nobody will be forced to receive a vaccination they do not want, according to Mwinyi. People have been vaccinated all around the world, he noted.

Former Tanzanian President John Magufuli, who died in March, disputed the presence of COVID-19 in Tanzania and denounced the vaccines as unproven and dangerous. 

Samia Hassan, the new president, acknowledges the disease’s existence and has stated that vaccines will be imported. Nonetheless, weeks have passed with no trace of immunizations being transported or administered to Tanzania.

Deogratias Mahinyila, a human rights campaigner, believes it is past time for the government to adopt a global strategy to control infection. 

He believes that what is being done in Zanzibar and on the mainland should be completed as rapidly as possible. Tanzania is not an island, says Mahinyila, so anything we do should be in line with how other countries around the world are dealing with the situation. 

Vaccinations, according to some citizens, will diminish fear of infection.

Bunnaj Africa gathered that Dar es Salaam resident Jackline Thomas thinks the government should speed up allowing vaccination to be brought in Tanzania “because we all know that vaccination is the main weapon to avoid a person getting ill.”  She claims that once a person receives the COVID-19 vaccination, illnesses will not spread and we will no longer be in danger. 

Tanzania still lacks data on COVID-19 infections and deaths after more than a year of the pandemic.

The president of Zanzibar has stated that the vaccines will be imported by Saturday, but the plan’s details are unknown.

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