Ghana set to plant 5 million trees in a single day

On Friday, Ghana plans to plant more than 5 million trees in an effort to preserve and conserve the country’s forest cover and the environment as a whole. 

On Friday, President Nana Akufo was due to lead the celebrations to commemorate Green Ghana Day. 

In Ghana’s 16 regions, thousands of bags holding millions of different sorts of seedlings were distributed. 

Individuals and other organizations will plant the trees across the country. 

Ghana’s Lands Minister, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, hailed the occasion as a major victory for the West African nation.

As part of the programme, we are seeking to work out a formula where the trees to be planted will be economic trees. We are talking about the Timber, Wawa, Nim, Rosewood, Shea trees. The rationale for this intervention is so that in planting the trees, we are also investing for the future,” he said.

Ghana’s forest areas have been estimated to have been degraded by 80% since 1900, according to government statistics. 

The government intends to grow trees on primarily deteriorated terrain.

Educator, writer and legal researcher at Alafarika for Studies and Consultancy.

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