Burkina Faso army clears 25 terrorists in ongoing sweep operations

During sweep operations from June 7 to 13, the army of Burkina Faso stated it killed more than 25 terrorists but lost three soldiers and six volunteers.

The operations came after a nighttime attack on a small-scale mining facility in the village of Solhan that claimed the lives of 132 people, according to the army.

Several sweep operations were performed in several areas of the axis, resulting in the deaths of roughly ten attackers and the confiscation of rolling stock.

The report stated that the ongoing operations have discovered one improvised explosive device that has been made harmless.

Bunnaj Africa gathered that some armed men ambushed a joint military and gendarmerie patrol in the north-western area of the country on June 10 in particular.

However, it was revealed by the army that some 15 attackers were killed during the response, which also resulted in the seizure of a large number of light and heavy weapons, ammunition, and rolling stock.

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