China pledges to deepen ties with Zimbabwe; Rwanda looks forward to hiring teachers from Zimbabwe

China pledges to deepen ties with Zimbabwe

China and Zimbabwe will continue to work together to enhance bilateral relations, according to Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Guo Shaochun. 

The ambassador said the upward momentum in China-Zimbabwe cooperation is unstoppable, revealing that “our long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation have made some political elements jealous. They keep saying something is not right, fabricating fake news to attack Chinese investments in Zimbabwe and soil the image of China and Chinese companies.

He claimed that collaboration between China and Zimbabwe in political, economic, and social areas had only recently begun to realize its enormous potential.

“Let us continue to demonstrate a commitment to act and deliver. The steps we take and the impact we produce is the best way to improve life for our peoples to repel provocations and to fulfill the historical responsibilities placed on us by our times,” the ambassador said.

The outstanding expansion in China-Zimbabwe relations over the 41 years since the two nations established diplomatic relations has inspired China, according to the Chinese envoy.

Nigeria receives $400 mln in World Bank financing for COVID-19

Nigeria received clearance from the World Bank on Friday for $400 million in financing to purchase and deliver COVID-19 vaccines, according to a statement from the bank. The World Bank board of directors approved the financing, which will allow Africa’s most populous country to purchase COVID-19 vaccinations for 40 million people, or 18 percent of its population, and assist vaccine deployment for 110 million people, according to the World Bank.

The bank stated in a statement that the funds will allow the government to vaccinate 51 percent of the country’s population within two years and “avoid the dreadful consequences of another lockdown that left in its wake an economic toll the country is still grappling with.” 

However, according to the government, roughly 20% of Nigerian workers have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19.

Morocco hosts talks between Lybia’s rival factions

Rabat, Morocco’s capital, held talks between Libya’s two opposing groups over an electoral law conflict. The meeting occurs fewer than three months before the presidential and legislative elections, which have been scheduled for December 24th. 

The United States’ envoy to Libya has however pushed the two parties to achieve an agreement. After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, rival powers in the east and west of the country have contributed to the upheaval in recent years.

Tunisia arrests lawmaker, TV presenter who named country’s president “a traitor”

Tunisian police arrested a member of parliament and a television presenter on Sunday, according to their lawyer, who have been vocal critics of President Kais Saied since his takeover in July. 

The military judiciary had ordered the arrests, according to the lawyer, Samir Ben Omar, who accused the two of “conspiring against state security and insulting the army” after they broadcast a programme on Zaytouna television channel.

Ameur Ayed is a presenter on Zaytouna and Aloui Abdellatif is a member of parliament for the conservative religious Karama party. They slammed Saied and branded him a traitor during the broadcast. However, neither the police nor the army could be reached for comment.

Algeria recalls ambassador to France for consultations

Algeria’s president announced on Saturday that the country has recalled its ambassador to France for consultations following what it described as “irresponsible” remarks attributed to French President Emmanuel Macron.

The presidency said in a statement that “following comments that several sources attributed to … Macron, Algeria expresses its categorical rejection of inadmissible interference in its internal affairs,” 

“Faced with the particularly inadmissible situation inflicted by these irresponsible remarks, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided to immediately recall the ambassador,” it said.

The statement stated that the remarks, which have not been refuted by French authorities, are harmful to Algerian martyrs who fought for independence from France, but did not provide further information.

“Those remarks are an intolerable attack on the memory of martyrs,” it said.

Ethiopia detains ex-official from Tigray interim government

A former senior official in an interim government for Ethiopia’s Tigray region appeared in court on Saturday over allegations of inciting conflict between the Tigrayan people and the central government, and possessing an illegal gun.

Abraha Desta served in that federally-appointed administration as the head of the Bureau of Social Affairs of Tigray. He was a member of the Tigrayan opposition party Arena, which opposed the TPLF, and spent three years in prison under the previous TPLF-led administration. He is the interim administration’s highest-ranking official to be arrested.

Abraha remained in power until late June, when Tigrayan forces retook most of Tigray and he fled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. He was arrested there on Thursday, one day after posting an open letter on Facebook to Addis Ababa’s new mayor, criticizing what he called arbitrary arrests of ethnic Tigrayans and rising discrimination.

Rwanda looks forward to hiring teachers from Zimbabwe

Rwanda is considering employing Zimbabwean teachers as part of a plan to close long-standing skills shortages and overcome language hurdles following a series of educational reforms. 

While it is unclear how many teachers the country would recruit or when they will do so, President Paul Kagame said last week at a joint trade and investment conference in Kigali that his country urgently needs qualified teachers as the two countries explore mutually beneficial commercial potential.

Rwandan schools reopen on October 11 under pressure to make up for learning deficits suffered during the recent year, which was marked by pandemic-related closures.

Tanzania seeks World Bank help for Covid effort, balance of payments

Tanzania has requested assistance from the World Bank to help reduce the effects of Covid-19 and increase vaccine access. 

President Samia Suluhu met with Hafez Ghanem, the World Bank’s Regional Vice President for Eastern and Southern Africa, on September 28 in Dodoma and discussed her government’s focus on increasing education, health, and women empowerment. She also discussed attempts to improve information and efficiency through the use of ICT.

Zambia lifts all Covid restrictions, to be re-examined month after

Zambia declared on Friday that coronavirus limitations will be lifted completely from the weekend onwards, despite the fact that only 3% of eligible persons in the southern African country are fully vaccinated. 

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo stated “following the reduced transmission of Covid-19 in Zambia, the government has decided to lift the restrictions,”

She noted that after one month, the limits will be re-evaluated. President Hakainde Hichilema, on the other hand, advised citizens to be vaccinated, stating that he, his wife, and his children had all received two doses.

3,980 Work Opportunities to be Created for Ugandan Youths

Over a five-year period, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), the country’s apex body for the private sector, will partner with Bird Uganda Safaris Limited, a Ugandan registered premier birding tour operator, to create 3,980 job opportunities for young women and men. The relationship is part of the Young Africa Works–Enhancing Lead Firm Structure for Youth Employment in Uganda initiative, which is supported by the Mastercard Foundation.

Samuel Yalew Adela, Country Head, Uganda at the Mastercard Foundation said, “Birding and tourism in general is a growing and promising space and we are excited to partner with Bird Uganda Safaris Limited to provide the necessary support to equip youth with the right ideas and skills, not just to improve their own lives, but to improve the lives of their families, the well-being of communities, and the resilience of the country.”

Under this partnership, job opportunities will be generated in birding tours, cultural tours, other nature tours, tour driving, food and craft production, cultural dances value chain and will be implemented in some of the country’s districts.

PSFU is the lead implementing partner in Uganda for the Young Africa Works strategy, with a goal of 300,000 job opportunities through the Lead Firm Structure Project. Agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, and building and housing are the targeted sectors, with young women accounting for 70% of the participants.

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