Symposium: Knowledge creation and dissemination in Africa

The interest in the field of indigenous African knowledge is weak. This weakness has its effects on the creation and generation of knowledge to keep pace with the requirements and challenges of the digital age. Studies on the importance of knowledge for African development frequently emphasize the need to begin by discussing indigenous systems to develop an African theoretical framework that can aid in the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the age of globalization and strengthen the efforts of the institutional integration process to address existing challenges and modern phenomena.

For this reason, Alafarika for Studies and Consultancy decided to organize a symposium titled “Knowledge Creation and Dissemination in Africa“, which brings together academics and researchers in African affairs to discuss some issues related to knowledge and its dissemination in Africa with the aim of coming up with ideas and visions that may help in understanding and overcoming some of the issues raised.

The symposium’s lectures and discussions will be remote via Microsoft Teams and our social media pages. It is scheduled to extend over two days, with the first day (Friday, August 26, 2022) devoted to lectures and papers in the Arabic language, and the second day (Saturday, August 27, 2022) devoted to lectures and papers in the English language.

The speakers and topics of the symposium are as follows:

Day 1: August 26, 2022

– Dr. Benramdan Larbi

       Country: Morocco

       Topic: Knowledge management for development: lessons from African history

(إدارة المعرفة للتنمية: دروس من التاريخ الإفريقي)

– Mr. Mohamed Zakaria Fodol

      Country: Central African Republic (CAR)

      Topic: Academic publishing in Africa: opportunities, challenges, and solutions

(النشر الأكاديمي في إفريقيا: الفرص والتحديات والحلول)

– Dr. Mady Ibrahim Kante

       Country: Mali

        Topic: Creating knowledge societies and influencing African politics with knowledge

(خلق مجتمعات المعرفة والتأثير في السياسة الأفريقية بالمعرفة)

– Mr. Oubeid Ould Imijine

    Country: Mauritania

    Topic: The role of media in creating knowledge societies in Africa

(دور الإعلام في خلق مجتمعات المعرفة في إفريقيا)

Day 2: August 27, 2022

– Dr. Zayed el Nabolsy

     Country: Egypt

     Topic: Philosophy and Human Development: The African Context

– Mr. Steven Anu’ Adesemoye

     Country: Nigeria

     Topic: Amnesia, Anamnesis and Nemesis of Uprisings Without a Requisite Knowledge in Africa

– Mr. Yusuf Akinpelu

    Country: Nigeria

    Topic: Investigative and data journalism: Unraveling the landmines for Africa’s knowledge-driven prosperity

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