President Museveni says Uganda’s future only safe under his leadership

On Thursday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said he was confident of a landslide victory in the presidential election next week, insisting that his leadership had massively benefited the country.

Mr. Museveni, who has ruled the country for more than three decades and is currently facing stiff opposition from the country’s youthful population, led by pop star-turned-politician Bobi Wine, said that only under his leadership was Uganda’s future safe.

On Thursday, the former guerrilla fighter took to Twitter to highlight some of the work of his administration, including hospital construction, improved resident welfare, better roads, among others.

“The National Resistance Movement has stood the test of time. We have correctly diagnosed Uganda’s problems and prescribed the correct solutions. We have resolved many bottlenecks to Uganda’s progress and will continue to do so. It is why we are days away from victory,” Mr. Museveni said.

“Kayunga Hospital has been renovated and upgraded to a regional referral hospital. I will commission it today. For our radio/TV programme, I will speak to our people of Teso this evening,” he added.

According to Nation Africa, Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has been rallying supporters against President Museveni’s leadership, comparing himself to a dictator and an enemy of the people of Uganda.

In the following week’s polls, the opposition candidate is banking on the youthful and urban population of the East African country to defeat Museveni amid an increasing police crackdown.

In the confrontations that have already attracted the condemnation of international observers, scores have been arrested and others injured.

But Museveni dismissed Wine and other opposition leaders’ campaigns on Thursday, calling them populist and without an agenda for Ugandans.

“Some countries have voted for change out of excitement. In Liberia, out of excitement, the citizens voted for a famous footballer but it didn’t take them even a year to regret it. They say their leader has turned to a dictator and so many things they hoped for have not happened,” said Mr. Museveni.

“Many times, President Museveni has guided that politics and leadership isn’t all about singing, No. It is about seeing the nation develop by boosting the economy, it is also about making sure that citizens are safe and a number of other important things that a Head of State does,” a statement from the ruling party, The National Resistance Movement, added.

As one that had the voters and the people of Uganda at its center, Museveni also praised his manifesto.

“The National Resistance Movement stays committed to improving and bettering our country’s health facilities.

“Our manifesto is the best. Only the National Resistance Movement guarantees you peace and stability. We have the surest plan for economic transformation and prosperity. Uganda is on course to a middle-income status. It is why most Ugandans agree with us. We are certain of victory,” he said.

“We request Ugandans to turn up on polling day to cast their votes without any fears and to remain peaceful.”

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