Uganda Election: President Museveni said he’ll concede defeat if elections are fair

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has said he’ll concede defeat if Thursday general election in the country is free and fair.

Museveni cast his vote 30 minutes to the closure of the voting process.

Speaking after casting his vote at Karo Secondary School polling station, Rushere, Museveni called for free and fair elections and asked Ugandans to maintain peace during the vote counting process.

Museveni has campaigned on stability, security and his record of delivering economic growth. He also has strong support in rural areas.

The opposition candidate, Bobi Wine is skeptical about the election results. He claimed ahead of the election that the results would be compromised because Museveni controls the electoral commission.

Bobi Wine also accused the government of preventing him from mobilizing his supporters on social media. He also said his phone was blocked from making calls, while some supporters who gathered near his home on election day were arrested.

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