Tanzanian President Magufuli ‘casts doubt’ on foreign COVID vaccines

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has cautioned the health ministry of the country against rushing to adopt the Covid-19 vaccines promoted by foreign companies and nations.

Magufuli cast doubt on the worldwide desire to improve the Covid-19 vaccine, arguing that nothing has been done to cure other diseases, including tuberculosis, HIV-Aids, malaria, and other infections.

“You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids by now; he would have found a vaccination of tuberculosis by now; he would have found a vaccination for malaria by now; he would have found a vaccination for cancer by now,” he said.

“The Health ministry must know that not every vaccination is meaningful to our nation. Tanzanians must be mindful so that we are not used for trials of some doubtful vaccinations which can have serious repercussions on our health,” he added.

According to Africanews, because of the government’s stunning stance on the virus, nothing is known in Tanzania about the number of positive cases.

The East African country had been declared Covid-free by Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli and did not put any curfew or confinement to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“We have lived for over one year without the virus because our God is able and Satan will always fail. The Health ministry should be cautious, and avoid the temptation to turn us into a country where vaccination trials are conducted freely,” he said.

“In a certain country, its girl children – aged below 14 years – were vaccinated against what was said to be cervical cancer, but it later emerged that the vaccination was meant to make them infertile,” Dr. Magufuli said.

In the battle against the virus, Tanzania is among the first nations in Africa to order the marketed Madagascar Covid herb.

The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, is the chief promoter of the drug, branded as Covid-Organics and distributed in the form of a herbal infusion.

In its native China, Artemisia annua has a long history, where scientists have discovered an active ingredient that has made the plant a front-line tool in combating malaria.

The substance has proved to be successful against malaria, but no clinical trials, either as a cure or as a preventive, have tested it against COVID-19 as reported by Africanews.

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